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The FireServer Project is a Linux distribution based on CentOS and incorporates a Firebird database server infrastructure designed for high performance. Companies can install a powerful server optimized for the best performance of the database. With a clean and easy to use web interface, users can perform all daily tasks as backup, restore, network configuration and performance monitoring.


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“I believe that shortly we will be returning all the support that the open source community provides to all who seek it solutions and we'll can effectively contribute to the maintenance of a world with open source and open minds”.

Fernando Pimenta


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Fernando Pimenta

Fernando Pimenta

DBLink Consult

I am a consultant and technical expert in Linux, Datacenter and Cloud. I'm working on Brazil in heterogeneous environments, seeking the best solutions for customers.

I have a case at RedHat Company developing a Linux distribution for retail in Brazil :

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Besides, I like working with Linux, including RedHat, CentOS, Zentyal, ClearOS and Ubuntu.

Love listening to music, playing drums, take wine and stay in touch with my family and friends.

For more information about me:

Carlos Cantu

Carlos H. Cantu

FireBase / WarmBoot Informática

Works with software development since 1988, and is the maintainer of the and sites, offers Firebird consulting services, author of the "Firebird Essencial" and "Firebird 2" books (available in Brazil) and also columnist of the ActiveDelphi magazine. Have spoken to thousands of people in several conferences, like the International Firebird Conferences (2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008), in the eleven editions of the Firebird Developers Day (FDD), in all editions of the Delphi Developers Day conference DDD) and in several computer and programming related events.

Blog :

Twitter: @chcantu


Carlos Pimenta

Carlos Pimenta

DBLink Consult

Professional with solid technical and managerial experience working with Information Technology working in coordination of development teams. Also works with specialists, building the business requirements and deployments of administrative systems. DBA with extensive experience in Oracle and Mysql database.

Linkedin :

André Santos

André Santos

Modular Tecnologia

Working with information technology, consulting and services since 1999. I'm Delphi ® XE2 Developer Certified, I have extensive experience in business analysis, requirements engineering and software engineering. during my IT career I had the opportunity to work on many market segments.

Recently, I was able to approve projects of R&D programs by the Brazilian progrom for micro and small businesses called Pro-Innovation FAPEMIG / BDMG and Tecnova FAPEMIG / FINEP.

When I'm not working, I like to eat well, enjoy good music, read Newspaper on web. Whenever I can, I like to make tours and travels with my family, enjoy good fishing and I love fine wines and beers craft.


Linkedin :é-santos/2b/b41/b94/